Conference funding

Do you want your conference fee paid for by NZHEA?

NZHEA will fund TWO members of the association the cost of the conference fee to attend the PENZ/NZHEA/EONZ conference in Palmerston North, July 11-13 2016.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Teacher of Health Education in a primary, secondary, composite or area school in New Zealand
  • Teacher’s school is a 2016 paid member of NZHEA (as of 18 March).


  • NZHEA will pay the conference fee directly to conference organisers (or if already paid, will provide a refund to the school)
  • All other costs associated with attending the conference will be the responsibility of the teacher/school
  • The funded members will submit an abstract to present at the conference on an aspect of Health Education (any length presentation)*
  • The funded members will submit an article to NZHEA on their conference experience/about their conference presentation later in 2016.
  • NZHEA will publish the names of the funded members.

Selection process:

  • The NZHEA executive will consider all applicants.
  • Multiple members from a school are welcome to apply
  • Preference will be given to fund ONE teacher of primary-aged students and ONE teacher of secondary-aged students
  • If no teachers of primary-aged students applies, two teachers of secondary students will be funded
  • Applicants will be randomly chosen after being separated into the two categories (primary/secondary).
  • If the successful teacher(s) is unable to attend the conference or does not submit an abstract, the funding may be awarded to another applicant(s) (provided they have subsequently submitted to present).

How to apply:

Fill out the very short Google Form found here. This closes 5pm, 18 March 2016. Please send any queries by email to

*Note that the submission of an abstract is not needed until after the successful applicants are informed of the funding. Some ideas for a presentation on Health Education include (but are not limited to):

  • Innovative Health Education courses or units
  • Collaborating within HPE or across the curriculum
  • Health promotion, partnerships, student-centered learning
  • Developing students’ understanding of the underlying concepts
  • Preparing students for Scholarship
  • Consulting with our community.

For more ideas, or to submit an abstract, see: