2017 practice exams

Level 1:

90972 (1.2):

90975 (1.6):

Level 2:

91235 (2.1):

91238 (2.4):

Level 3: 

91462 (3.2):

91465 (3.5):

A checklist was used by NZHEA to critique the practice exams – this may be a useful resource for your own quality assurance processes.

2016 practice exams

Level 1:

90972 practice exam 2016

90972 practice assessment schedule 2016

90975 practice exam 2016

90975 practice assessment schedule 2016

Level 2:

91235 practice exam 2016

91235 resource booklet 2016

91235 practice assessment schedule 2016

91238 practice exam 2016

91238 resource booklet 2016

91238 practice assessment schedule 2016

Level 3:

91462 practice exam 2016

91462 resource booklet 2016

91462 practice assessment schedule 2016

91465 practice exam 2016

91465 resource booklet 2016

91465 practice assessment schedule 2016

2016 student essay competition

NZHEA student essay competition 2016

Download the information and entry flyer:  NZHEA student essay competition

This essay competition is open to students from schools who are NZHEA members. It is designed to provide:

  • Students with an opportunity to showcase their Health Education knowledge and understanding at a high level
  • Other students of Health Education with understanding of health and well-being issues relevant to them and their communities, or with relevance nationally or globally
  • Members of NZHEA an opportunity to see high quality Health Education work.

Eligibility criteria:

Any NZ secondary school student whose school is a current NZHEA member. Entries are due by August 31, 2016 and are to be emailed to: nzhea.secretary@gmail.com

Overall requirement:

To critically analyse a situation related to health or well-being, based on learning drawn from Health Education at NZC level 8 (NCEA L3).

The topic for the analysis may be drawn from one major unit of learning or multiple units of learning, provided they are linked and integrated to generate a coherent analysis that shows an in-depth understanding of the four underlying concepts of HPE.

For example:

  • The impact of poverty on the health and well-being of children in NZ
  • The impact of New Zealanders’ ideas about masculinity on the well-being of males
  • Becoming and being an inclusive school that promotes well-being for all students
  • The importance of building cultural connections for well-being
  • Health and well-being of young New Zealanders in the years just after secondary school
  • Addressing teen pregnancy in NZ using Te Pae Mahutonga model of health promotion
  • The potential impacts of genetic technologies on health and well-being
  • The health and well-being of women (or children) in high income (developed), middle income (developing) and low-income (under-developed) countries around the world.

As a guide, the essay will be no more than 3,000 words and should be clearly structured.


First place: $300 and runner up: $150

Terms and conditions:

  • The essay must be one student’s own original work, with acknowledgement of references
  • Feedback will be given to all entries and returned electronically by September 30, 2016
  • The essays for the winner and runner up will be published at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 in the NZHEA online magazine ‘Hauora Matters’
  • A panel of NZHEA members will judge the entries and the decision of the judges is final
  • Entries will be judged according to the assessment criteria provided (see flyer)
  • Essays will be submitted electronically accompanied with a cover sheet that includes an authenticity statement (see flyer)
  • The judging panel reserves the right not to award winners of the essay competition, if no submissions meet the set assessment criteria.

 NOTE: Aspects of the essay are likely to support NCEA assessment or Scholarship preparation, but in isolation the essay is not expected to meet specific NCEA Achievement Standard requirements (i.e. Success in this essay competition does not indicate/assume success in NCEA assessment).

Conference funding

Do you want your conference fee paid for by NZHEA?

NZHEA will fund TWO members of the association the cost of the conference fee to attend the PENZ/NZHEA/EONZ conference in Palmerston North, July 11-13 2016.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Teacher of Health Education in a primary, secondary, composite or area school in New Zealand
  • Teacher’s school is a 2016 paid member of NZHEA (as of 18 March).


  • NZHEA will pay the conference fee directly to conference organisers (or if already paid, will provide a refund to the school)
  • All other costs associated with attending the conference will be the responsibility of the teacher/school
  • The funded members will submit an abstract to present at the conference on an aspect of Health Education (any length presentation)*
  • The funded members will submit an article to NZHEA on their conference experience/about their conference presentation later in 2016.
  • NZHEA will publish the names of the funded members.

Selection process:

  • The NZHEA executive will consider all applicants.
  • Multiple members from a school are welcome to apply
  • Preference will be given to fund ONE teacher of primary-aged students and ONE teacher of secondary-aged students
  • If no teachers of primary-aged students applies, two teachers of secondary students will be funded
  • Applicants will be randomly chosen after being separated into the two categories (primary/secondary).
  • If the successful teacher(s) is unable to attend the conference or does not submit an abstract, the funding may be awarded to another applicant(s) (provided they have subsequently submitted to present).

How to apply:

Fill out the very short Google Form found here. This closes 5pm, 18 March 2016. Please send any queries by email to nzhea.secretary@gmail.com

*Note that the submission of an abstract is not needed until after the successful applicants are informed of the funding. Some ideas for a presentation on Health Education include (but are not limited to):

  • Innovative Health Education courses or units
  • Collaborating within HPE or across the curriculum
  • Health promotion, partnerships, student-centered learning
  • Developing students’ understanding of the underlying concepts
  • Preparing students for Scholarship
  • Consulting with our community.

For more ideas, or to submit an abstract, see: http://www.penz.org.nz/conference-2016.php

2015 Executive Committee Elections Reply

We are inviting nominations for the Executive Committee elections. As an association run by members for members, we welcome new faces and fresh ideas on the committee. We hope some of you will consider standing. Nominations will be open until 10th July. Voting will run from 20th – 29th July. Please email nzhea.secretary@gmail.com if you have any questions about the Executive Committee or the election process.

To view the nomination form, please click here.

PENZ/NZHEA/EONZ conference – draft programme Reply

DRAFT Conference 2015 Planner

Above is the draft programme for the upcoming NZHEA / PENZ / EONZ conference in Hamilton this year 6-8 July. We are really excited about the quality of the Health sessions and speakers presenting this year and feel sure that they will provide thought-provoking PLD for all those who attend. Please note, that at this stage any further changes to the attached programme will be updated on the PENZ website (http://www.penz.org.nz/).

Standard registrations are open until 12th June and late registrations are available until 3rd July. There are also two registration prizes up for grabs worth $675 each. Visit the PENZ website for more information or to register online.
Conference is always a great opportunity to network, engage in professional learning, share current practices and be inspired by others who work within the same learning area as yourself. We hope to see you there.