Sexuality Education

Please note that the resources below were written to support implementation of the 2015 Sexuality Education Guide, which is now superceded by the 2020 Relationships and Sexuality Education guide (found here). We will be updating the material on this page in due course.

Below is a wide variety of support materials for the planning and teaching of sexuality education in New Zealand schools. The resources are separated into:

  • PLD (for use in-school)
  • Planning
  • Teaching and learning

See the directory file for a one-page index of all the resources.

PLD: Activities that can be used in your school for professional learning and development around sexuality education:

NZHEA SEG FAQs Sexuality Education

NZHEA SEG Quotations 

NZHEA SEG Mythbusters statements and answers

NZHEA SEG Ethical Practice for teachers teaching sexuality education

Planning: Resources to assist you in your planning for sexuality education in your school.

NZHEA SEG Developing a Health Education delivery statement

NZHEA SEG Background reading

NZHEA SEG Indicators of learning progressions for sexuality education

NZHEA SEG Engaging with outside providers (Word doc.)

NZHEA SEG Primary Y1-8 planning considerations (Word doc.)

NZHEA SEG Y9 & 10 planning considerations (Word doc.)

NZHEA SEG Sexuality Education and NCEA Achievement Standards

NZHEA SEG Sexuality education and students with special education needs

Teaching and Learning: Activities and links to a range of resources to support teaching and learning in sexuality education.

NZHEA SEG Teaching and learning resources for sexuality education

NZHEA SEG Ideas for exploring Internet safety and digital citizenship

NZHEA SEG Sexuality education vocabulary activity

NZHEA SEG Suggested books for primary school children

NZHEA SEG Collecting data ethically

NZHEA SEG Activities for exploring the issue of pornography (2016)